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Contact MD Diet Orem today for any questions or concerns regarding weight loss. Our expert physicians and nutritionists will provide insightful advice that you can apply to your life.

Health-Oriented Services

MD Diet takes a health-oriented approach to weight loss, ensuring that your long-term weight is stable. We will analyze your body to determine the right program for you.

We also tailor our services to combat slow metabolisms, cravings, and other factors that keep you from achieving your desired results.

Weight Loss Options

MD Diet offers a wide range of weight loss programs. We prioritize your health, so we customize each one in our selection to suit your immediate and long-term needs.

Here’s an overview of our weight loss services:

  • Medical Weight Loss
  • Qsymia Weight Loss Program
  • HCG Diets (options include 26-day and 45-day programs)
  • Vitamin Injections

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We use tried and tested medical techniques that address the challenges of weight loss (e.g. cravings and slow metabolism). Furthermore, we tailor the program to your personal fitness goals as well as to your unique body type. What other reason do you need to contact us?

Our medical staff wants to hear from you as soon as possible; we want to be with you every step of your medical weight loss journey. So, call our Salt Lake City office, today, and we’ll gladly accommodate you.

Cosmetic Services

We also offer cosmetic services that bring out your inner glow. Our Juvederm treatments make your lips fuller, restore volume and structure to sagging cheeks, and soften facial lines to create a smoother appearance.

Meanwhile, our Botox procedures help you turn back the clock, making you look younger by eliminating wrinkles and forehead creases.

We also provide mesotherapy sessions to combat your body’s “problem” areas. These sessions are minimally invasive and useful in treating the following aesthetic issues:

  • Cellulite
  • Belly fat
  • Love handles
  • Double chins

To make the most of your weight loss experience, we recommend staying in touch with your primary care physician and inform us of any recommendations he or she may have.

While we are not a medical care facility, we are licensed to provide sterile injections and advice. We recommend that you stay in touch with a primary care physician throughout your program. And note that results will vary with each person.

Look better, feel better. Lose excess pounds and maintain an ideal weight for the long term.

Contact MD Diet Orem today to learn more, or to start your medical weight loss journey with us.