Medical Weight Loss Programs in Utah County

If you’re considering weight loss to improve your health, MD Diet Orem is your partner on this long journey. We have the facilities, programs, and staff that will assist you in achieving the ideal body weight—for the long term.

The MD Diet Method

MD Diet Clinic has a standard operating procedure: ensure favorable results.

We utilize science in prescribing the appropriate diet and exercise plan for you. We do more than help you curb cravings and binge eating. We help you fight a slow metabolism.

We also encourage healthier eating habits and enlighten you on the health risks associated with processed food.

We believe that knowledge equals success. Just ask the 80 percent of our patients and the 95 percent more who came to our clinic as referrals who have kept their weight off in the long term.

What’s more, we have modest month-to-month service fees, and we don’t require contracts.

Thorough Pre-Analysis Procedures

During your initial visit, our medical staff will conduct assessments of your body’s composition to create an accurate bio-analysis. We use your medical history and bio-analysis to measure the percentage of muscle, bone, water, and fat in your body to customize your weight loss program.

We provide informational classes taught by our expert nutritionists, as well as personal consultations with our physicians to discuss your weight loss needs.

Comprehensive Follow-Up Services

At MD Diet, we oversee every step of your weight loss journey. After your preliminary assessment, we’ll invite you for weekly weigh-ins and vitamin injections to keep you on track and moving toward your goals.

We also assign an energetic medical staff member who will inform you of anything you need to know regarding any of our procedures. He or she will coach you with utmost dedication, ensuring that you follow your diet and receive the proper amounts of nutrition throughout your personalized program.

Do note that while we are licensed to administer sterile injections and provide expert advice on your weight loss goals, we are not a medical care facility. To maximize your experience with us, stay in contact with your primary care physician and let us know of his or her diet recommendations.

We also cannot guarantee the same weight loss result for every individual. That is why we perform pre-analysis, to determine the best course of action for each of our patients.

Visit MD Diet Provo today, and we guarantee that you’ll be looking (and feeling) better after our programs.